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For 2018, Mini is getting a new 7 speed automatic.
Sure, the more the better, why not.
But I just hate this type of automatic shifter (“electronic selector lever”) 
They are getting more a more popular (of course all BMWs have them) You just cannot feel anything. It is always tricky to know for sure what position they are in.
I really didn’t like it when I test drove a few BMW models a while ago.
I much prefer the rotating dial like the one used in the Chrysler Pacifica. 
Or even Lincoln’s push button system.
But the ones like they are now including in the Mini are the worst. Especially in a sporty car like the Mini!
That type of system is also responsible for a few terrible accidents. Including Startrek actor Anton Yelchin, when he got crushed by his Grand Cherokee. )Thinking it was in “park” when it was actually just in “neutral”)

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  1. Why do we need a "shifter"? The computer does it all anyway. I think the Lincoln interiors look great without it…much cleaner.

  2. i agree with you Vince about disliking these new auto shifters. I am an auto-glass installer by trade and i have driven hundreds if not thousands of different cars and trucks, vans etc in my 27 years of work. The best and easiest auto transmissions to shift were the older 4 speed auto overdrive by GM. I like progress and modernizations but cannot stand when manufacturers ''upgrade'' something and make it overly complicated and goofy just for the sake of being different. The auto shifter and tranny in the pre 2016 Smart cars is a perfect example of a crappy transmission and a weird/strange shifting pattern for auto transmission. …''KISS is an acronym for "Keep it simple, stupid" as a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960. The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.''

  3. I HATE the shift selector in my 2015 Grand Cherokee (same model and year as Anton Yelchin). It is the absolute WORST thing about that vehicle. I've had several incidents where I thought I was in PARK but I wasn't and the vehicle started rolling. There was a recall to supposedly fix the issues, but the recall was just a software update and didn't fix the inherently bad design. I love everything else about the car, except the stupid shift selector. It's bad enough that I can't wait until my lease is up in April so I can give the damn thing back to FCA.

    Worst part is, FCA knew all along the shift selector was a bad design because suddenly starting with the 2016 model the design changed to a more traditional one. Sad to see other auto makers haven't realized this is bad design yet and are still using this type of thing.

  4. "That type of system is also responsible for a few terrible accidents"

    This is true but you forgot to leave out that they changed this 3 years ago.

    Keep up

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