2019 BMW Z4: major disappointment coming up..

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Just like Subaru, BMW has become one of these car companies that show us really nice concepts that end up being quite disappointing when turned into production models.

We first saw pictures of the new 8 series (HERE) in production form. Which lost all the cool aspects of the concept.
Now this. The new Z4 will of course “kind of” look like the concept. (bottom picture)
But will be different enough to be quite lame when compared to it.

Why not just show us the production car a bit early, instead of putting all that work (and money) in a concept that just ends up being a set up for a major disappointment?

I am sure the new Z4 will be nice. Like all its predecessors. But now, it will be compared to the much nicer concept. And that will make it look pretty terrible…

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  1. I agree the production model is a watered down version of the concept, but considering 90% of the people buying these have probably never seen the concept version, does it really matter.

  2. The production version wasn't watered down. Design processes these days usually have the concept come out well after the production design had already been finalized. Which sucks lol, because it gives people false hope when they bring out a show-stopping concept like this, and kills any hope that this is the look we'll see on the final product, but that's just the way they operate.

  3. I had an acquaintance that say the Z4 in camouflage and it is the same size as the Miata! Small!

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