Just a few more pix of the 2019 Kia Forte

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Yes, just a few more pictures of the new Forte from the auto show floor.
The white one, with normal (non black) wheels.

I still think it looks pretty terrible. And much more worse than the current model, which did have a bit of a personality to it.
This just looks like it was “drawn” and not “designed”.
The details are also horrible. That front bumper… The rear one. The tiny black spoiler. Why???

I just can’t see anyone who was not interested in the previous version considering this one instead.
They sold about 104 000 of these last year (including sedan and hatchback)
Which is less than the Jetta.
I can’t see this new one doing anything at all to boost that number in any way.

This is quite a let down. Let’s hope they don’t ruin the next Optima…

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  1. It looks nicer than the new Jetta and Elantra, and at least on par with the Cruz, and Sentra. I think you're being overly dramatic Vince lol, I've never seen you foment so much disgust towards a moderately refreshed design. Is this worse than the Corolla? The Corolla isn't bad but how is this a terrible design? It's very German and very modern. I think you'll have a different opinion of this once you see it in the flesh.

  2. I actually think it looks nice live than in pictures. It this photo, the front quarter kinda resembles the Infiniti Q50. Or am I see things?

  3. I don't think it is as bad as you think it is. I think it's a lot better than the Civic or any Toyota, and definitely better than the Jetta.

  4. I think it’s a conservatively handsome vehicle. It’s overall shape looks like a scaled down Sonata or Cadenza. I don’t think it’s the monstrosity you have made it out to be. There are much less attractive entries in the compact sedan segment.

    I think the biggest issue with this new gen Forte is that its exterior design doesn’t exactly reinforce Kia’s brand position. If Kia is supposed to be a “sporty” brand, then this new gen Forte should feature more fashion forward styling that would compete better with the Civic or a sporty look and demeanor that would better compete with the Mazda3. This new gen Forte seems to be lacking the style or performance/handling credentials to compete with the Civic or Mazda3. If anything, it appears that the new gen Forte has been positioned to effectively steal sales away from its own Elantra platform mate. To me, this new gen Forte represents the overall problem with the coexistence of the Hyundai and Kia brands in the market: the brands seem to overlap, compete against each other, and carry products in their lineups that should be assigned to the other brand. I think there are advantages to having both brands in the market, but the advantages need to be reinforced with proper brand positioning and product lineups.

  5. You're in the minority, Vince. I cannot fathom how you think this looks terrible (either the exterior or interior) and that the Jetta looks better. Get your eyes checked.

  6. Meh. Whatever. I had to google it to see what the current one looks like. I don't think this looks too awful. Definitely better than a Corolla. But I never noticed the Forte before, and this will remain just as unnoticed.

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