2019 Nissan Terra

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I have mention this truck before, but we now have official pictures.
So far, this is only for other markets. Like some Asian countries and probably Australia.
Where the Navara pick up truck is sold. Since this is based on the Navara.
It is basically an old fashion body on frame, pick up truck based SUV.
Like the early Ford Explorer was here. In these countries it will compete with the Toyota 4 Runner and Ford Everest (Based on the Ranger)
Nothing fancy . You can tell from the Navara interior. 
Not sure if this will ever make it to the US as a new X-Terra .
But why not….

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  1. Could be a good new X-Terra, but they haven't made that in years.

    On a some what similar note, anyone else starting to feel like they are inching to get rid of the Murano?

    The Rogue is everywhere, they had the Rogue Select for all the chains for a little bit, & now they have the Rogue Sport. Where does the Murano fit these days? JustSayin

  2. if nissan/ infiniti could match their 2.0L VC turbo to the hybrid system with their new nine speed transmission. infiniti and nissan could have a class leading SUV.

  3. Forgot to mention this might be the underpinnings for the new QX70 moving it too the true SUV category. keeping QX30,QX50,QX60 CUVs and QX80, QX70 SUVs the latter competing, luxury SUVs

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