2019 Nissan Altima Teaser

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Nissan just released this first official teaser illustration for the next Altima.
The usual, overdone, exaggerated illustration everyone is doing these days.

It looks quite angular and aggressive. And very close to the concept we saw a couple of years ago.
Which is fine.

Although we have seen many pictures of the next Altima driving around already.
Covered in camouflage. HERE, HERE, and HERE.

None of these spy pictures show such an aggressive and angular shape. So, either they are using genius camouflage, or the actually car won’t look at all like this illustration.

I personally think the production Altima could be quite close to what we see above.

These are great times for people interested in a Mid size sedans. There are so many great cars to pick from. Almost every one of them is a good choice.

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  1. I personally feel the production Altima could be exactly like what we see above. Nissan uses the most genius camouflage, and every car looks like their illustrations, every time.

  2. That illustration looks lifted directly from the concept. The spy shots we've seen don't look nearly as radical (the lights are larger and less sleek, bumper detailing is different, proportions and lines are much more mundane). I think Nissan just sketched the concept and called it a "production teaser" which is low…

  3. Oh great! The new gen Altima will probably be sporting some poorly executed floating roof treatment that Nissan seems so overly fond of lately! I will be so happy when this trend is over! Ugh!

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