2019 Lexus ES

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 The popular Lexus ES is getting ready for an all new design.
The usual “one year after a new Camry” schedule.

As far as the weird grille goes, this one seems to be almost working. As the tip of the headlight does meet the “pinch” of the grille (It doesn’t in many other Lexus models)

The recipe will be pretty familiar. A classy, conservative yet modern luxury sedan. For people who value comfort and reliability.
They sold over 51 000 of them last year. Which isn’t bad considering the current SUV fever.
(RX sold about 108 000 units last year)

Here is the current front end. As you can see, the “all new one” won’t be such a drastic change…

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  1. I always like the look of Lexus vehicles until the spindle aka "The Predator" looking front end. Makes the entire vehicle look hideous! But top management said in conferences when ask what their buyer were complaining, management said they don't have to buy their vehicles.

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