New Acura CDX Sport Hybrid

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I have written about the CDX before (HERE)
This is, so far, an Acura model reserved for the Chinese market.
But Acura did trademark the name in the US last January, so we might end up seeing this over here.
It would compete with other small SUVS from Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc…
As I mentioned before, I think it looks very nice and would be a no brainer for the US market.
The model pictured above is the all new “Sport Hybrid” version.
Which, apparently, uses the same system as the new Accord Hybrid.
In the Accord, it produces a very healthy 212HP. And is rated at 47MPG.
I can’t imagine the small CDX being much heavier than the rather large Accord Hybrid.
So the CDX Hybrid mileage could be pretty fantastic for a small SUV.
I think this is time for Acura to send this over here. 
So much nicer looking than the weirdo Lexus UX.

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  1. I would love this. Only thing I don't like is that gigantic unnecessary knob for drive mode. I was hoping to love the Lexus UX, since it's the perfect size and it's a hybrid, but the side profile is hideous. This would be perfect…looks like an upscale CX-5

  2. At first thought I was looking at the new RDX! This is super nice and as you states would compete very well against other small lux from Luxus, BMW, etc. Hope they bring it.

  3. I hope Acura does not import this CDX to the U.S. marketplace. It is a much more diluted crossover. I personally. do not think the RDX will sell well because of the design language. It looks to feminine. We will see in July how the RDX does!

  4. Not a terrible idea. But they'd need a multi link sport suspension, all wheel drive, and real power in a fun to drive package. Even then, the gauges still aren't cutting edge and the center stack of business will become tired.

  5. I think this would sell great in the states. But don't send it here, build it here. Acura, don't be a GM or Ford. Keep it North American Built.

  6. The only thing that bothers me about the exterior is the side window trim. The chrome trim stops at an awkward spot; it should completely surround the side windows. Other than that, it looks quite attractive. I think it would sell well for Acura if it was available here.

  7. Acura interiors:. Does it follow the same rule…if it looks like wood, it's real wood..? They should sell to Honda-plus pricing but design for premium. It's just not there yet. And they can't make the huge jump in a single step. Where's that leave this? Too close to CRV and RDX – only if they brought it as hybridhpremium-sport only could they do it right now. But it better get raves.

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