New Hyundai LaFesta

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So far, the all new LaFesta sedan is a Chinese market product only.
And we don’t know much about it.
It is powered by a 1.6 Liter Turbo with a 7 speed automatic.

Although it is a pure fastback design, it doesn’t appear to be an actual hatchback.
The front end looks slightly inspired by the recent Le Fil Rouge concept we just saw recently.

The rest of the car seems pretty nice looking. This would be a nice update for the Elantra.
Or is it large enough to be the next Sonata??? (Since an all new Sonata is due pretty soon…)

Either way, I think this is a pretty nice design. One that should be a hatchback.

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  1. this looks very nice. The back end view reminds me of the Dodge Dart. It be a shame if this car is only for the chinese market and not for north american consumers.

  2. Looks sharp! It should be available in more markets than just China, though. This would definitely put Hyundai back on the design leader list in the US market!

  3. In the home market, Hyundai just came out with a 5-door fastback version of the i30/Elantra GT, so this seems like more of a 5-door fastback version of the i40/Sonata. Shame they probably won't bring either to the States.

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