2019 BMW 8 series

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Finally, the real BMW 8 series is starting to emerge…

I posted pictures of the production model next to last year’s concept.
It looks like it has been toned down enough to be as boring as any other BMW design now.
Which is too bad.
It has more lines and scoops. It just now looks like a slightly different 6 series coupe.

Which, I guess, is what it is. For more money…

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  1. Nothing was "toned down", that's just being obtuse for what? The 8-Series Concept was just a dolled up teaser of the real deal. It isn't rocket science to understand that, so leave that misleading opinion out of this.

    This was really supposed to be the redesigned 6-Series coupe anyway 3 years ago (design freeze), but BMW got away with changing the nameplate at the 11th hour and positioning it higher for bigger profit.

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