More pix of the new BMW 8 series

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Not an ugly car by any mean. But really nothing special.
Basically a redesign of the 6 series coupe. Now called 8.
The exact same recipe as before. Which hasn’t really worked for years.
So I guess calling it an 8 and charging way more for it might boost profits and make up for lack of sales??? (They only sold around 3500 of them in the US last year)
Same thing inside, where the concept was actually really nice. This is just a “new 6 series”.
And it actually doesn’t really look that modern. (And that horrible metal trim is now covering almost everything…)
This is basically an old fashion car for older BMW fans I guess….

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  1. LOL, Vince I love this write-up. It's dead-on, as this was the new 6-Series coupe. Back in 2016, even some junior BMW personnel and affiliates were confused at spy shots of this car in camouflage. Wondering if it was a new 6-Series instead. When insiders are lost, obviously something was altered last minute. The design was developed as a 6-Series, but will marketed and sold as the 8.

  2. Huge let down. Who’s designing the new bmws? They need help. It looks long awkward and goofy. Hopefully it will look better in person

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