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On this video, you can see a bunch of “official” sketches of VW’s next SUV, the T-Cross.

(Although most of the drawings shown here are actually just 2 or 3, reprinted on different colors…)

It is basically an SUV version of the Polo, so a bit smaller than the T-Roc.

Not sure yet if we will end up getting this.

I wouldn’t think so, since VW always claims the US doesn’t want anything smaller than a Golf.

And basically, this is yet another super boring VW SUV design….

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  1. I got a tell you Vince, I'm not sure if I saw the T-Rock or the Tiguan last year when I was in Paris, France.
    The size was smaller than our current Tiguan in the US. Perfect size and the wife loved it.
    But I think is boring just like the Tiguan.

    The current Tiguan feels so heavy when I test drove one. And the MPG are awful in comparison to the competition.

    Reliability is my number one issue buying another VW or BMW.

  2. The Tiguan in Europe is the shorter, 5 seater version. The one we get here is the longer, 7 seat version.
    I am not sure why VW decided NOT to bring the shorter one over here as well.
    It also looks better. (it's one dumb move after another at VW…)

  3. Volkswagon scammed this Country at the expense of our environment. For that, I can't forget or forgive. They will never earn my dollars again.

  4. Is that video a parody? Or just poorly translated (or too directly?)?

    I don't think I've heard than many buzzwords in 45 seconds before.

  5. I think VW is hesitant about bringing a CAR that is smaller than a Golf to the US market. I don’t think VW will have a problem bringing a subcompact CROSSOVER to the US market. The subcompact car market in the US is not lucrative, but the subcompact crossover market is on fire. VW is not going to sit out of a rapidly growing segment.

    It looks like all VW products; definitely not exciting, yet not hopelessly hideous either. VW is completely surfing in the safe zone.

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