2019 Hyundai Elantra

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The Elantra is getting that big new angular face for the 2019 Model year.
(The red car and last pic show the current model)

We saw it in spy shots a while ago, but these are the very first official pictures.

It does looks weird since it doesn’t seem to match at all the rest of the car.

The curent Elantra has been criticized for not being as distinctive as the previous generation. So I guess they decided to just “go nuts” for 2019. Why not, I guess…

Inside, nothing really new. The steering wheel and dash console have been redesigned.
As well as the vents.
But nothing crazy like the exterior (You’d think they could have included a larger screen or something)

There is, of course, a bunch of new safety tech standard. As well as Apple Car play and Android Auto. The usual…

Engines seem to be the same.

Not sure if this will help Hyundai compete better with the Honda Civic.
And the new Jetta. There is also an all new Corolla out.
( Just saw onedriving around the other day, and it does look really nice in person!)

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  1. Agree to disagree; I think this looks MUCH better and looks quite cohesive. It also has more resemblance to the facelifted Sonata and I'm sure will match up well as the next-gen Sonata's little brother. The current gen is way too conservative and boring to compete well with the competition.

  2. WT..heck are Hyundai designers thinking. Looks like some "ocus groups" seemed to suggest that the new Jetta is a design-winner, while Hyumdai fans are left with this bizarre takeaway from the VW. That awful grill looks like extremely cheap plastic, whereas the current moidel has a bit more design appeal. At least for me. A lot like what happened when Honda went from a terrific Civic design 2008-2011 to that terrible one up to a year ago. But I'm afraid I'm not going to be alone on this. And if this design mimicks the new design for the Sonata, that company is in trouble.

  3. Agree with the first commentor. This is the most modern looking in the segment. Hyundai's face lifts have become quite extensive. Looks like a whole new generation.

  4. On the plus side, we will only have to look at this for maybe 2 model years before an all new Elantra comes out.

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