2019 VW Passat Plug-in Hybrid

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VW will offer a plug-in version of the redesigned Passat next year.
In China…
VW execs have said before that the US will not be getting any Plug-in versions of their models.
(Another stupid US market decision from VW if you ask me)
They want to concentrate on their future EV models instead…
Here, the Passat PHEV would compete mostly with the Honda Clarity. And the “soon to be departed” Fusion PHEV.  But also against some regular mid-size hybrid cars like the Accord Hybrid, or Camry Hybrid. 
The gas engine used in the Passat PHEV is a 1.4 Liter with 150HP. 
No info on EV range or power yet…
What do you think? Should VW include Plug-in model in the next US Passat?

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  1. Personally, I think VW must fulfill a legal obligation set up by US Congress to bypass any new technology other than EV models. This is all done by disease gate

  2. You are forgetting the Sonata PHEV. That seems to me most direct competition to this.

    I think Audi/VW should at least offer some hybrid and PHEV models. Especially after several years of talk how much they are investing in this…

  3. So-so styling. Front end isn't a favorite yet probably looks better in person. Tail lights seem to wrap around too far probably to balance the front wrap around lights. Not a fan of this car in white.

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