2019 DS3 Crossback

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Not sure yet if this is a replacement for the cute (but aging) DS3 or not. But so far, this looks like a nightmare on wheels.
I mean just look at that tortured profile. There are enough lines everywhere for 3 car designs. 
The whole thing looks like a mess. A toy made out of crumpled aluminum foil.
An that interior is just way too busy. It could actually drive people insane. 
I was never sure what was the point of reviving the name DS as its own brand a few years ago. 
A car like this is the worst case scenario. This is the worst thing that could have happened to the name “DS”…
I guess this is mostly for the Chinese market now?

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  1. the interior is tough to look at, but I think the exterior is different in a fantastic way. Design-wise, I'd say its very forward looking.

  2. I think that beltline mess is the main offender, produced by bored designers and misguided marketing…. Same with the Argyle dash center…. looks like an executive's daughter sketched it for dad, and he demanded the team implement it….
    The front and rear ends look ok, though the front looks like it could also work on a new AMI 8…. imagine that!

  3. I don't mind the interior. It reminds me of crazy Citroen interiors from way back with weird controls and displays. Plus, it has buttons for direct access to useful functions, presumably.

    The exterior is just lazy. It may also be passé (to use a French term), now that Mercedes has toned-down their creased look.

  4. This is off topic, but kind of relevant. I am a Canadian currently working in Europe for a year. The Ds brand doesn't really interest me (the Suv is beautiful however) nor the Citroen brand as a whole. What I've been blown away with is the entire lineup from Renault. What sharp looking vehicles. The electric Zoe is super cute and looks really awesome in person, the Megane is everywhere and a really great design in sedan, hatchback and wagon. The Talisman is possibly the best looking sedan I have ever seen! Even the Scneic and Espace are super sharp looking. The Captur is a great little SUV. It seems that when they bring over European cars to North America, we get the worst of the lot (ie: fiat). I have a hard time believing Renault wouldn't do well in North America. Just my observations

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