2019 Kia Proceed

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Again, this does not look like last year’s amazing concept. But it does look very nice. And quite original too. 
It uses the regular Ceed model engines, so this is not a sports car. And the same  nice interior.
This would be great in the US line up as the Kia Stinger’s little brother.
A true sporty  and slick looking wagon/hatch thing. (And a great camping car!)
So far Kia has mentioned this is only for Europe. But who knows… 
That’s always what they say at first. 

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  1. Rear looks a bit like a Porsche, or at least Euro. I don't like the little chrome fin-shaped bit on the rear quarter side window. At least it would be easy to simply paint over the chrome with gloss black to match the tinted glass and the rest of the trim.

  2. Seems somewhere along the way the sharp looking Kia Proceed concept morphed into this dumpy looking hatchback. The rest of the world should consider itself lucky only Europe gets this bland design.

  3. This makes the rest of the cee'd line up look like a bore including the next generation Forte. This design would had been better suited for the Optima.

  4. That little fin is a wasted extra…. they should have incorporated that element into the rear door window frame where there is already a little triangle instead of adding a useless detail.
    (Why don't they just ask me first?)

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