More spy pix of the 2020 Kia Telluride

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Looks like Kia is not even trying to hide this thing anymore. At all.
I haven’t seen any teaser for it yet, but at this point, they would be useless.
All we need now is better official pictures and info. All we know is that it will have a V6 and 8 seats.
So I guess, like someone mentioned here, the Sorento might be out as Kia’s big “SUV/Minivan/wagon” thing. And will probably be re-invented as something sportier. 

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  1. The back end makes me happy because at least they're trying something different.. and the front screams Escalade/Denali pretentiousness. This could do rather well, but I don't understand why Hyunkia isn't building up Genesis first before expanding their lesser brands into larger, pricier segments.

  2. Nice big fake grill with only a small rectangle of actual opening for air. Always looks like crap when designers do that.

  3. I like the front end a lot! Looks very modern and clean design. The sideview is also attractive to me. The rear is not that good compare to the front but it is livable. I wish I knew the length and width of the Telluride.

    What car show is this going to be release at or is it Hyundai own private release?

  4. From the shape, I'd say they are going after the Honda Pilot buyers. I would imagine this is also the platform for the new 3-row Hyundai to replace the Santa Fe XL.

  5. As already pointed out, the headlights do look like the original CTS. In fact, the whole front end looks like an older GM product. I’m so disappointed that Kia didn’t use more originality in their design.

  6. Vince, if you show more pictures, it will be completely dated. The rear design sucks. Wrong direction to follow Cadillac.

  7. This is basically a Sorento XL. Relatively easy to engineer. The Genesis SUV is going to be a RWD X5/GLE competitor.

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