More pictures of the all new 2020 VW Passat

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These are actual live pictures of the new Passat. Still the Chinese model. Which should be 99% like the one we are getting here in the US next year.
I do like it even miore from these new pix. The rear end is much nicer and upscale than before.
And the interir design seems to have very nic elooking trims. It also looks like they are truing for new shapes/materilas here and there.
This already looks much niver than an Audi A4. 
( I test drove a $42 000 A4 a couple of years ago and was really not impressed at all. Especially after spending a week in a $28 000 US Passat)

For those who still think our new 2020 US Passat will be a different car. I present this: the current Chinese Passat. Which is, of course, the same car we get there…

(For some reason, China is also getting the Euro Passat)

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