2020 Cadillac CT5

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Outside, it looks like it will resemble the Escala concept quite a bit.
And there is still hope it could even be a hatchback, just like the super cool concept.
As for the interior, there is nothing left of the Escala. Instead, it looks more like Cadillac’s current generation interiors like the new XT4.
Which is OK. But nothing as stunning as the Escala.
(Maybe these great interiors will start later with the XT7 and new Escalade…)
As for the car itself, I am afraid it will just be a new version of the CTS. Since it is based on a revised CTS platform.
Which is not bad. Just nothing all new. And probably tough to turn into an EV or even a plug-in sedan later.
Which everyone else will be doing very soon.
So basically, with the new CT4 and CT5, Cadillac will still have way too many sedan models no one considers or even knows they exist.
They also need to change their names pronto. Just like Lincoln.
This was a stupid mistake in the first place. And it is an even bigger one to keep these names for so long.

Here is the super elegant, retro and modern Escala concept interior.

Let’s hope this or something close to it ends up somewhere…

Head over HERE for many more pictures of the new Cadillac CT5.

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  1. The accounts over at GM told the production and design team not to go to crazy with the interior.

  2. Scala interior is nice except for the grey fabric they have all over the place. Looks like the stuff they use on the Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. speaker grills. Not something I'd want on a steering wheel, dash, or door panels.

    Also get rid of the giant center floor console. A console between the seats is better.

  3. Can you imagine buying luxury with reliability almost dead last among all car manufacturers? How can these managers show their face to work every morning?

  4. Cadillac is getting into the Lexus design style fever of creating completely ugly and hideous looking vehicles. Just shock at the cheap looking dash and center console/stack of the new XT4 and the XT5!

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