2020 Honda Passport teaser

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The all-new Passport will be unveiled on the 27th. Making its Auto Show debut in Los Angeles the next day.
As expected, it will be positioned between the CR-V and the Pilot. And will seat 5.
(Which sounds a lot like a Honda version of the Acura RDX)
The Passport was designed, developed and will be built in the US.
I think the RDX is one of the best SUVs available today, so a more affordable Honda cousin sounds great.
I can’t wait to see this…

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  1. Passport is the name Honda gave the Isuzu Rodeo rebadge they sold as their first SUV. Why resurrect that name I have no idea. What's next, a new Oasis?

    But the bigger question is why there is a need for something that slots in between the CR-V and the Pilot. Those two already seem pretty close. How about something BIGGER than the Pilot? A stretched Pilot with the same wheelbase as the Ridgeline would be way better!!!!!

  2. I think Honda's Achilles heel is SUVs/Crossovers looks. If this follows the CRV, HRV and Pilot design, it will be fugly.

  3. The. new Honda Passport will look more like a traditional SUV then the current Honda crossovers that are aim at the female family crowd. It will be for people who want to haul stuff and be more utility oriented then passenger oriented. As the picture shows playing iin the sand in the next sequence.

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