Auto Show notes: new Kia Soul

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Another car that must be a headache to redesign. Since it is now so well recognized.
I think Kia did a fine job.
The rear lights looked pretty messy/weird in a spy shot I had posted earlier. But the whole thing looks just fine in person.

Inside, the dashboard isn’t that original. But the part where it meets the cool door panel is really nice. (And actually, quite original)

And they integrated the much larger screen into the dashboard ( it can be done)
No tablet here…

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  1. Sorry Vince…I have to disagree w/ you here. The face of this thing marginalizes the whole car. The headlights used to make it look fun and inviting…now it looks angry and hungover.

    Apparently the hamsters were hammered when designing this

  2. Will pass judgement on this one when I see one in person. I thought I liked it, and then saw a current gen model, and kind of like the non floating roof design better. Not sure though. Interior is an improvement though, definitely.

  3. The designer must have recently watched Force Awakens – looks like the new stormtrooper helmets.

  4. I like the new look. It has been out for 9 years now. But I dont understand why in 2018 it doesnt have AWD but the Kona does.

  5. I still think Kia ruined a good thing. An evolution of the simple iconic shape would have been great. The new gen exterior design has too many oddities that render it completely unattractive.

    The interior looks vastly improved, though.

    As someone else previously mentioned, Kia should offer AWD as an option on this vehicle. From what I understand, AWD is not a popular option in this segment, but its unavailability on this vehicle may be a dealbreaker for customers who live in the snow belt.

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