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Here is the price list (click to enlarge) of the all-new Mazda 3 for 2019.
The car still comes with the same 2.5 Liter engine and 6 speed. (manual or Auto)
No fancy 8 or 9-speed auto here. And not the new (upcoming) Skyactiv-X engine.
Apparently, that brand new 2.0 Skyactiv-X engine with about 188HP is not ready yet. Which is too bad…
While I thought the 6-speed auto was fine in my week test drive a while ago, the 2.5 was a pretty rough and noisy engine. (Although with plenty of power for the car)
I hope they did something about it in the new car. maybe more sound insulation could do the trick since that same engine is much quieter in the CX-5.
The new Mazda 3 starts at $21 000 for the 6-speed sedan. Something you will never be able to find on a dealer’s lot
So it basically starts at $22 600 in the real world. 
The base hatchback at over $2500 more is quite expensive.
About $3500 more than a Corolla hatchback!
And even $2000 more than a Civic hatch.
It is clear that Mazda is moving up in the price range.
The new Mazda 3 needs to be really, really good to make sense at these prices. 
(Although loaded models are priced closer to the competition)
Its big advantage over most of its competition is the newly available AWD versions. 
Will it be enough?

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  1. Nice looking little car, but with those blind spots and poor rear visibility, it should come standard with blind spot monitoring and digital rearview mirror.

  2. Does it really make sense to offer the 6-speed manual if it is only available on the FWD hatchback with the premium package? Not to mention priced at $27,500! This is some crazy stuff.

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