2020 Genesis G80

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I am sure this will be quite a nice car. The all-new smaller Genesis G70 has gotten mostly great reviews so far.
This new larger brother already looks a bit like a big G70.
With yet another sleek fastback that is probably “not a hatch but should be one”.
A hatch would really make this car stand out. And it could compete with the Audi A7.
Instead of yet another regular sedan… (it works for the Kia Stinger, so why not)
It is rumored to be offered with a choice of a 4 or 6 cylinder only. As the V8 option might be gone for the new model.
Up front, you can already tell it will have a grille similar to the revised 2020 G90.
(A weird design that kind of looks like the Superman logo.)
I guess it does stand out. In a sea of other huge and useless grilles.
(head over HERE for interior pix)
Surprisingly, the sales of the Genesis G80 we not that terrible in 2017 where they moved over 16 000 of them in the US.
But 2018 saw a huge drop with only 7446 of them sold. 
Compared to the Audi A6 with just a bit over 10500 sold last year.
(16304 in 2017)
Genesis being an all-new brand, this is actually not bad at all. 

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  1. All the G80 never had a full rear seat pass through. It only has a very small ski opening pass through that would fit two pairs of downhill skis. That is reason I cross it off my buy list in the past.

  2. I like the G80 if it finally had a full rear pass through like their competitors do – 5 series, E Class, A6, etc… I dig the front end look! Call me crazy!

  3. AWD option in the new G80 is mandatory too! Half the U.S. population is in the snow belt and Canada is close to 100%.

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