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Here are just a few pictures from Instagram that I thought could be interesting. Or at least fun to share.
Some of these feeds are great. I follow most of them. 
I am also there as @vburlapp.
I think this one looks great.
It was a design study for the 1977 Chevrolet Impala coupe.
Which, as we know, never looked that good.
This would still look good today. 

This is a rotary Corvette concept. The XP-897GT from 1973.

This must be an almost final design for the 6th generation Cadillac Eldorado that came out in 1967.
It looks very, very close to the production car. (Except some vents and side markers)

This is a 1974 concept, 2 door wagon version of the Fiat 130 Coupe. 

A famous Bertone concept from 1969, the Autobinachi A112.
Which previewed the Fiat X1/9. 

This is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. A 6 door limousine version of the good old Citroen 2CV.

Another weirdo that started out as a Citroen DS.

 And another Frankenstein car. Looking like a truck version of a Buick Regal.

Between weird and pathetic: the wannabe Bentley Bentayga that started life as a Toyota Venza. 

And another strange creature. A pickup version of the 80’s Mercedes Coupe.
This US version got the ultimate American treatment.

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  1. So that 1973 Corvette concept ended up becoming the 1978 Porsche 928. Who knew Porsche stole design ideas from GM?!

  2. The Eldo grille doesn't have the pinched-center look of the production one. Perhaps it's the higher amount of chrome. Was the hood ornament added later?

  3. So much want for that Fiat wagon! The Mercedes was (thankfully) based on a sedan, note the short doors.. and the Impala is mostly beautiful (save for the Vega/Sunbird taillights). And WTF is up with that Venza??????

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