2020 Cadillac CT5

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Sorry to beat a dead horse, but these stupid names really have to go.
Even Lincoln is switching back to real names.
This basically now replaces the CTS.
Why even bother changing the CTS name to CT5???
GM claims this replaces both the CTS and ATS sedans. But there is yet another smaller CT4 sedan coming out soon. (weird…)
This will be offered in Luxury or Sport versions. (like all new Cadillac models)
2.0 Turbo and the great 3.0 Liter Turbo are available.
I, again, think this should be a hatchback since it looks so much like one.
The interior seems to introduce that matte wood finish to Cadillac. Which looks so good in European cars from Mercedes and Volvo.
The side is a bit weird looking to me. Like a much less elegant version of the stunning Scala concept.
And yes, that third small side window is actually fake.
It is just a large piece of black plastic.
Which looks pretty horrible and cheap on the Sport version pictured here.
(The chrome from the Luxury model might help a bit…)
That is pretty bad…

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  1. The good news is that most of us will never have this abomination inflicted on our eyeballs. Since like other Cadillac sedans no one will buy one.

  2. the back window looks like it was copied from a Infiniti coupe, an already fugly feature on that car and translates into even uglier on this cad. Sad…

  3. No good. Looks like the Honda Accord profile a bit. Thats not a good thing for a Cadillac. The second vehicle from Cadillac that seems underwhelming. The new XT-6 thing equally uninspiring. Sad, was hoping for a powerful American presence in the luxury car realm. Thank god Lincoln is making some forward motion with their Sport Utes.

  4. Looks like a Chinese knockoff of the Escala concept with the added bonus of a black panel DLO extension taken from the 1st gen Chevy Cruze. Pass.

  5. Fairly inelegant and unexpressive design, especially for a "luxury" brand – looks like it's trying to mimic mainstream family sedans that have been out for a few years. And something about the sport version looks like it could be a new Dodge that some kid matte'd out.

    All in all a very pathetic look, at least in pics. Maybe it will look better in person, but that wont matter as no one will want it.

  6. The new CT5 exterior is okay. The interior will determine if it will sell or not. Cadillac has cheap looking interiors and this need to be improve upon to match their near luxury competitors. They will never be a Mercedes or Audi or BMW level interior but an Acura and Infiniti level should be fine to sell Cadillac sedans.

  7. The side profile looks like a cross between a Honda Accord and an old Saturn Ion with the nose of XT4 tacked onto the front. Looks too a wee bit generic. The fake blacked out window behind the rear doors looks so cheap. It make an Accord look like a Lexus, as far as build quality is concerned. Wonder if it will be more or less reliable than an Alfa Romeo? Not hold my breath…

  8. Great photos, Vince! Yeah, that fake rear window implementation is looking tacky. Looks a little Kia Stinger GT/BMW GT ish.

  9. Why would Cadillac design a brand new car with a fake rear window? Just design and engineer it correctly for a window. It's not like it won't cost enough. Idiots.

  10. This couldn't be worse. I really don't understand how Cadillac keeps making their cars worse with every new generation. At least for the last several generations they actually seemed to be trying (but ended up missing), but with the XT6 and this CT5 Cadillac seems to be phoning it in. How does that fake side window get through the approval process?? Is there no design chief at Cadillac that would've thought that looked horrible? The ATS and CTS are starting to look good at this point.

  11. I'm actually quite surprised by how good this looks. I'm not too much of a fan of the fake black plastic windows, but for some reason, this works. Looking at that front end again…..but all I see is MAZDA. Overall I like it, but I too, wish it were a REAL hatchback. However some history is in the rear design. Take a look at an early 80s seville to see what I mean. It had a "Not a hatchback" trunk as well.

  12. Cadillac has had some beautiful concept cars. Sadly the concepts and what becomes reality don't align properly. This CT5 is beautiful from the rear doors forward, the vehicle should of had a hatch and who ever came up with and approved that ugly kink and fake side window should be fired on the spot.

  13. This car looks great and it will be good for Cadillac overall even if sedans are selling as much as they used to. Cadillac is improving and that is a good thing. I usually reserve my comments until I see the actual car in better pictures. Usually the press release photos don't do a car justice but I like these.

  14. Front styling (even though very Mazda-like) is adequate. Rear styling is decent, profile is similar to many other mainstream cars. But, the c-pillar styling ruins it.

  15. I immediately saw the Saturn Ion, too… This thing is awful and unrefined in form. Other articles have pointed out similarity to the current Accord chrome treatment at the sixth window, but this, with it's fake window, and zero form finessing looks like a cardboard copy.

    You can tell that even Cadillac is bored with rear view… notice how they amp up the reflections around the license plate mimic more lighting than is really there?

    So sad… What's next, a new Cimmarron?

  16. Sorry, but this C-pillar is just relict of Opel Insignia. GM try to save money and use this older german design. It is looks like Saturn Ion or Chevy Cruze younger brother no luxury car.

  17. It’s damn UGLY! Cadillac needs to desperately find some designers who know what the hell they’re doing! The current crop of Cadillac sedans look far better than this monstrosity! What a major disappointment!

    P.S. That black plastic slab on the C-pillar looks extremely cheap!

  18. I have been and still am a Cadillac critic for building old fartish, overpriced and unreliable cars. Despite all the bashing from comments above, I have to say that I like the rear a lot better than the current CTS and the car looks a little “younger.” So the new design language is in the right direction. But that’s about it. Overpricing and unreliability will kill it along the not going away old fart stigma. Of course this will not prevent the cheapskates from getting great deals at 25% off MSRP within 9 months from launch and dumping them within 75kmiles when the transmission fails.

  19. My Hyundai Accent has that black piece of plastic by the c pillar, and it looks much better than it does on the Caddy.

  20. If this is the best that Cadillac can do, maybe they need to give up on sedans too. This thing is hopelessly awkward and hideous! I can’t believe anyone would have approved this design or thought it was remotely attractive!

    First an ultra boring three row crossover and now this. Does Cadillac really want to achieve success at all? It sure seems like they are trying hard to set themselves up for failure!

  21. Is that a bangle butt?
    NYC didn't work out too well.
    Apparently .
    Is that why you're screaming so appropriately?

    69 Charger R/T owner.

  22. Front good, back OK. Side on it looks like a Saturn Ion had an affair with a Nissan Versa. What were they thinking?

  23. Cadillac has so much potential, but GM certainly doesn’t have a clue as to how to properly tap into it. It’s truly pathetic. If the XT4, XT6, and CT5 represent GM’s idea of hitting the reset button on Cadillac, then the brand is truly a lost cause. All three vehicles are hopelessly awkward and unattractive. All three of them definitely lack the “I gotta have it” factor that Cadillac so desperately needs to secure its future. Maybe GM still has too many brands to manage because it doesn’t seem to have a solid grip on properly guiding any of them. GM seems completely willing to continue to give up market share to its competition.

  24. GM should realize how much trouble its luxury brand is in when non premium brands can design better looking vehicles than Cadillac can. Almost all of its vehicles show evidence of corporate cost cutting. Cadillac will never gain any traction in the luxury segment if it continues to be undermined and compromised by bean counter decisions and leadership.

  25. I really want Cadillac to succeed – I grew up with great Caddy's in the 70's and 80's owned by my parents and Grandparents. Why do they keep screwing up time and time again? That C-Pillar? Are you kidding me? It's so terribly sad. I was honestly hoping for an Escala designed CT5 and considered prior to seeing this that it could be a new-car option for me. Now I'll stick with my current Audi A5 and still shop German for my next car.

  26. The design is trash. This looks like it should be a Dodge, not a Cadillac. The Sonata is definitely going to take the spotlight away from the CT5 at NYIAS next month. I foresee the CT5 topping various "Worst of Show" lists…

  27. Well, the verdict is in and GM is guilting of murdering Cadillac's hopes with this execution. Maybe Barra seeing this turd and the painfully generic XT6 are what got Johan de Nysschen walked out the door at Caddy last year?

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