2020 Ford Taurus

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Looks like Ford is giving the Chinese market Ford Taurus a new front end for the new year.
(Top picture)
I guess this could help it battle the revised Buick Lacrosse for 2020.

At least we got the Lacrosse for a few years in the US. While Ford never sold the current generation Taurus over here. Instead, keeping it for the Chinese market.

I am not sure that new front end improves things a lot. Seems like it wants to be a BMW. Linking the headlights to the grille. Why???

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  1. The grille shape on the facelifted one is also very odd. It's nearly circular until the top. The pre-facelift at least looked solid upfront; now it looks like a knock-off.

  2. Useless redesign, but it's still stupid that Ford never replaced our Taurus with this one.
    Put a sho engine on it and awd though

  3. The last Taurus here was just packaged very tight inside. Everything was overstuffed. Not a great design

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