2020 Hyundai Sonata Video Teaser

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Nothing we haven’t seen from the pictures I posted yesterday.
Still quite interesting.

We do get a closer look at these, very original, LED lights running along the front hood, above the headlights.
Which could be quite a sight in real life.

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  1. Crass video with the real thing already out. What is the point of even posting it Vince? Think dude!

  2. I hadn't noticed the bumps on the taillights. Aerodynamics or just funky?

    I miss the old days of chrome strips in the center of the hood, back when hoods were long and horizontal. My grandmother's '64 Cadillac had strips running down each fender, ending in quarter-sized turn signal indicators.

  3. I wish Cadillac had thinned and extended their front light pipes back to the A pillar. It would have made the hood look longer, like it does here.

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