2020 Hyundai Sonata

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I think the new redesign will make the Sonata one of the top choices for a midsize sedan in the US.
I have to say, most cars in the segment look good (although I can never really get used to the current Camry somehow)
The new Passat looks conservative yet modern and elegant.
I do like the Accord a lot. (even though quite many people don’t seem to connect with the design)
The Mazda6 is still super good looking.
The Ford Fusion still looks good.
I also really like the Buick Regal Hatchback.
And now this new Sonata looks great too. At least on these pictures. (and of course, it should really have been a hatchback…)
They even design these cool day time running lights that run into the hood of the car. (Which actually could be distracting at night if visible from inside..)
Interior is much nicer than before too. With a widescreen that is nicely integrated.
So far, this looks very promising…

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  1. It looks like a bad Lexus in the front and a Honda in the rear. And what's up with led's running up the hood? Hope it looks better in person.

  2. That second photo shows the two vertical headlights which appear as chrome bars when not lit during the daytime.

  3. While the new Sonata is a sharp looking car, and may be one of the best looking sedans out there, the coupe-like silhouette with its compromised rear seat room and narrow trunk opening is exactly why buyers are opting for crossovers and not sedans. In the end, the new Sonata is just a another nail, albeit a pretty one, in the segment’s coffin.

  4. Vince, the lights don't run into the hood of the car, that's just a chrome strip. I really don't see this looking better than the current Accord, Mazda6 or Altima…

  5. I take back what I said earlier, they are indeed lights running into the hood disguised as chrome stripes… Interesting design….

  6. Looks awesome, inside and out! They need to lose the yellow exterior color, though; it doesn't gel well with the exterior design.

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