2020 Lincoln Corsair video teaser

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As we already know, the all-new MKC will be actually called the Corsair.

Which is great news. Lincoln saw the mistake of these stupid names and had the guts to change it.

Unlike Cadillac.

The Corsair will be based on the all-new Ford Escape, but with its own design.

Which, as you can see HERE, (interior shot HERE) looks a lot ( a lot!!) like a small Aviator.

Which is more good news?

I already predict a hit for Lincoln with this…

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  1. Not just giving it a name, putting in nice big letters in a prominent spot.

    Cadillac had better not wait until the next complete model redo to fix their naming scheme. Most buyers won't care that they've changed the scheme every 4 years if they finally get it right, only car enthusiasts will laugh at them.

  2. Don't like the name. Conjurs up Corvair …and we all know what a great car that was.

    Otherwise I think Lincoln is smart going back to traditional "names".

  3. Unlike ACURA . Same fail. Same stupid letters changes when there was loyalty to the Legend, Vigor, and Integra.

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