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The new Buick Velite is a new model for the Chinese market, based on the Chevrolet Bolt.
As you can see, it is not only a bit larger than the Bolt, it has its own, more upscale design and interior.
I think it looks quite nice. it seems roomy. It also seems to offer a sunroof (Something the Volt doesn’t)
Buick has had some problems with the Chinese battery suppliers and the car had to be delayed a few months.
So announced EV range is just over 190 miles. (A plug-in hybrid version is also available)
Which is OK, but not great. And a lot less than the Volt.
(Maybe that is only due to different batteries. )
I think this would be a really good car for Buick in the US.
I am sure it could be built along the Volt in the US. And would give Buick something truly modern.
Since most of their cars are currently based on foreign models built in Germany or Korea.
Why not…

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  1. Front end came out of a Toyota Camry. Buick Velite wagon still looks years ahead of anything EV manufacturers other then Tesla has i the U.S. market which is still releasing the subcompact size EV that look stodgy and ugly liketheLeaf, Bolt, Kona, etc…

  2. While I like the idea of Buick in the USA getting a very modern vehicle that is something different, I can't honestly say that I really like the design of this vehicle. It's certainly not a "beautiful" Buick, and to me some of the talented individuals on various car websites have in recent years created more appealing Buick designs than GM's own staff seems to be able to do.

  3. This is an attractive vechile, light years better than the Bolt (or the Volt). But come on! The front and rear end designs are virtual copies of the Corolla hatchback (minus the gaping grille). Are the designers incapable of anything original?

    IMO, GM should kill the Buick nameplate. For many people it translates as "old man".

  4. Interior looks nice (except for the stuck-up tablet) and roomy. This is what the original Volt should have had–a usable back seat and trunk space.

  5. Look at Buick's current lineup. There is nothing "old man" about it. If someone wants to rely on 20-year-old notions, that's on them.

  6. Tesla Y going be release March 14th! This Buick not going to sell if the Y looks like a Tesla vehicle!

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