2020 VW Altas Cross Sport

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Just a few more pictures of the upcoming 5 seater version of the Atlas.
I think VW has actually done a much better job than Honda with the Passport.
As the Passport is just a shorter Pilot. With the same interior etc…
This is actually a different design than the regular, longer Atlas.
While the interior is not new, it has been revised a bit with new trims, a more modern console, etc…
And the V6 is still available.
I think this will be really popular for VW in the US. As it will go directly against 2 other new models, the Passport as well as the new Chevrolet Blazer.

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  1. It's so hard for me to be excited about the Atlas or any of its varients after seeing pictures of the Touareg….

  2. I find it especially attractive how straight out of the factory VW made the plastic on the front of the climate controls have that wiped-with-a-dirty-wet-rag look, and how VW proudly does not conceal the Rubbermaid origins of the interior plastics. Design elements like these are a great complement to the sheer boredom of the exterior design and the cheapest looking headlight units this side of a Tata Nano.

  3. Dave in Canada, it much bigger then the Tiguan. It is a midsize crossover. Tiguan is a compact size crossover!

  4. The Tiguan we get here in the US is the long version. At 185 inches long, it is about 4 to 5 inches longer than the Rav-4 or CR-V.
    Still, the new Atlas Cross Sport will be 193 inches long. Which is only about 5 inches less than the regular 7 seater version.
    But it will be quite a bit larger than the Tiguan.

  5. Agree with Tard.

    I'm old and grade school was 50+ years ago.
    In those days the schools used to give you wooden rulers every year. I still have some (actually my mother never through them out). There was a natural progression of precision in the rulers. 1 inch. Next year 1/2 inch, next year 1/4 inch, next year 1/8 inch. I guess they thought the kids couldn't handle it the 1/8 inch lines until they were ready.

    This thing looks like it was designed with a ruler with 1/2 inch markings. Doesn't make it a bad vehicle. But it doesn't look like it has very precise shapes. Things look "close enough" correct.

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