Hyundai Kona test drive coming up…

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I just got a new Hyundai Kona for a week. As usual, I will report on it soon.
Until then you can ask me anything you’d like about it.

So far, the 1.6 Liter is pretty punchy. On top of being very refined, smooth and quiet.
The interior is fine and roomy (Although not as much as the Honda HR-V)
Although the upgraded sound system (The one I have is the “Ultimate” version), is surprisingly weak.
Also lacking any bass. ( Maybe I am doing something wrong…)

Otherwise a very nice drive so far. 

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  1. I like the Kona. I do hope they got the glitches worked out in the DCT though. That transmission has been proven to be somewhat unreliable. I love the fact that they offer it. So much better than most manufacturers CVTs. Of course Mazda has their excellent 6spd auto also, which despite the minimum gears, is my favorite conventional auto in a reasonably priced vehicle. The ZF 8spd is my overall favorite though.

  2. a nearby neighbor has the new Kona. I see it often when i walk my dog by his back alley driveway. Looks pretty nice up in person, not a piece of automotive Art, but just as nice as any current small crossover. Like everything, the newness/coolness factor wears off and it will fade into the background, just another car on the road.

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