2020 Bentley Flying Spur

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I think Bentley finally got it right with the Flying Spur sedan.
the Continental GT coupe always looked great. While its sedan version, the Flying Spur, always looked boring. And actually, never as expensive as it was.
(Especially that first generation…)
This looks pretty fantastic. Inside and out. As usual, it uses the Continental GT interior, which is great.
But that horrible grille has to go. Really.
It ruins the whole design. The same way it ruined the gorgeous Mulsanne a couple of years ago.
It is overdone and obnoxious.

The Continental GT grille is perfect for Bentley.
This is what should be on the new Flying Spur.

The car pictured above is the top of the line V12 version.
Maybe the good looking grille will make it when they reveal the V8 model…

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  1. Striking if not a bit "Buicky." I'd like to see more British "frumpy shiek" as opposed to these macro, sweeping swaths of chrome-trimmed color contrast with fancy pattern.

  2. WAY better than the current one, the RWD Panamera platform makes it look much less top-heavy and cab-forward than the old FWD Audi/Phaeton platform. But that grille is hideous for sure.

  3. They have an optional grille on their configurator called Chrome Matrix Grille behind Chrome Verticle Vanes but I’m not sure it looks any better.

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