New Kia Seltos video teaser.

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Here is a new video teaser of the upcoming Kia Seltos.

We have seen pictures of the whole thing (HERE) taken during a photo shoot.

We also have teaser illustrations of the interior (HERE)

So far this looks really nice. Especially for something about the size of the Hyundai Kona.

So it won’t be that expensive either.

I am actually looking forward to this…

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  1. It will be very interesting to see how this overlaps with the Soul.. wonder how they plan to differentiate the two?

  2. I think weve entered an interesting time in the market where brands are introducing SUVs in as many sizes as possible. Forget the subcompact/compact/etc classes that weve known for the last 30 years. If its an suv that has a different style(ie. Standard or coupeish profile) or a bit larger (even if we are talking mere inches), it will be brought to the market.

  3. It's simple how they differentiate them: the seltos offers AWD and the soul does not- in fact the soul should not even be called a crossover imo since it is technically a fwd hatch. Similar to the Toyota chr and nissan kicks. How the hell is a fwd hatch considered a crossover? Is a base golf se a crossover now too?

  4. Why is Hyundai/Kia the only family that does not really use flat blade wipers? Almost every new car offers them, and some of their models do, but this is an example of one that has the old fashioned blades which look so old and cheap.. Weird because overseas they tend to use the flat blade versions.

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