2020 VW ID.3 Interior

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 These are taken from a VW promo video for the all new ID.3 Compact EV.

And they show quite a modern interior.
Of course, like most cars these days, there are two screens for controling everything.
The transmission control looks pretty original.

But everything still seems pretty plasticky. Which, I guess will be OK since the starting price is rumored to be around $34 000 before incentives.
Still, even the rather spartian Tesla Model 3 interior seems more upscale. For just a little more.

These are pictures of the Seat El-Born concept.
Which will basically be Seat’s version of the ID.3.

The screen and transmission control module seems to be the same as the VW one.
While the main screen looks a bit better.

But the rest of the car, again, seems pretty cheap looking. (I mean, look at these door panles…)

Whether we all like it or hate it won’t matter to us in the US. Since VW will not be selling the car over here.
Yet another dumb move. In a series of many, for so many years…

(Thanks to a reader for the tip on this)

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  1. Yes, a very dumb move not to sell the ID.3 here. Not everyone wants their larger Americanized ID models.
    The Beetle Van or ID Buzz, might be too large for some Americans that might want simpler and smaller transportation. Honda also will make a mistake by not offering the Honda E here too.

  2. I am not liking the way these modern, (if rediculously simple is considered modern) interiors are starting to trend. Of course I may be somewhat biased due to my hate for the VW company. #Dieselgate

  3. The Honda e’s across the dash horizontal infotainment screen make this look like a primitive attempt. Looks like it was the first attempt for a previous generation Seat El-Born concept. Detracts from the car’s offerings!

  4. Why, that's pretty much column-shift!

    Too many rectangles and straight edges. Not one, but two stuck-on tablets.

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