2020/21 VW Tiguan

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These illustrations show a more stylish design for the next generation VW Tiguan.
The European press claims the new model will come out as early as next year.
The current Tiguan came out in Europe in 2016. Which will only be 4 years in 2020?
It seems like a very short life cycle. 
While we are only getting the long-wheelbase version of the current generation, the illustrations above seem to show the shorter 5 seater model.
No matter what, it will be an improvement. As the current one is really devoided of almost any style. 
And the driving experience is really sub-par. 

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  1. Well, that looks better for sure. But they should go back to the drawing board and fix the lighting treatment front and rear. Sure looks smaller than the current one though? They made it bigger to compete with Rav4 and CRV, if the U in SUV is not there, it will have hard a hard time competing in USA and Canada.

  2. Wow, they just created a Nissan Rogue, congratulations! What attracted me to 2019 Tiguan was the fact it didn't look like other 90 percent of the current cross overs out there. Vw's money would be better spent in ditching the current tranny and improving throttle response on the current model. Imo

  3. But it actually show up looking EXACTLY like the current one, with some headlight/tail light revisions. Surprise!

  4. Seems like the current Tiguan was just launched. I've seen less than a dozen of them on the road since then.

  5. Like to see a side view of the new Tiguan. I like the current model but the ride and steering is not that of a sports vehicle! Hoping the next generation will be better.

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