The “not for the US” Chinese built Ford Focus Active

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This is not all new, since the new Focus has been on sale in Europe for a while.
But Ford had originaly announced the US would be getting the Chinese built Active version of the compact hatchback.
So here it is, being made in China.
A pretty cute little car. Although not available with AWD.
If the interior seems a bit famillar, it is because the new Focus shares its dashboard with the new 2020 Ford Escape.
So I guess we are getting some of it…

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  1. Surprised you didn’t reference the larger than normal infotainment screen compared to what is in the Escape or in the Focus sold in Europe.

  2. I was in Wales recently and saw quite a few Focus(es) and it's a nice looking car. Of course, the Europeans have a much better selection of cars than we do.

  3. Any idea if we're getting that sexy widescreen touchscreen? I don't think the 2020 Escape has that.

  4. I would love one of these with a manual transmission. Any chance of the new Escape having a manual trans ST model?

  5. I agree about the widescreen. It should at least be offered in the more expensive Escape.

    But unfortunately, there is no way we will ever see a manual in the new Escape. Even if they agree to produce a sporty ST version….

  6. It's kinda sad to see everyone here obsessing over the size of the touchscreen. Things have really changed…

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