2021 Jaguar XJ illustration

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While it looks OK, this illustration from Autocar (based on Jaguar’s own recent teaser) looks more like a sport car than a luxury sedan.
I think the upcoming XJ EV should still convey a sense of luxury and elegance that has been in the Jaguar DNA for decades. (Except in the last few years…)
The new XJ should not be a Porsche Taycan competitor. But something closer to the upcoming Mercedes ELS electric sedan. Not all expensive EV buyers want a sporty car. 
So let’s hope this is not a taste if things to come. 

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  1. Terrible rendering. A 5y.o. could a better job. The real thing will look much better than this for sure.

  2. It going to compete directly with other BEV luxury buyers. Those who are in the market for BEV are very limited around 1.5% of all car buyers if you exclude all government entities.

  3. Terrible rendering. Even a 5y.o. could have done a better job than this. The real thing will look much better than this for sure.

  4. If JLR had a luxury brand, then this would be fine, as Jaguar’s DNA is in sports cars. Unfortunately they do not have that brand in the portfolio, so they are caught between two goals, sports car or Luxo-barge and they end up producing something* that is neither.

  5. BEV sales are pretty dead without worldwide government giving incentives to buy. People in general do not embrace Hybrids or BEVs cars but the liberal media and greenies are crazy in prediction that everyone will be demand them by 2030. Car manufacturers are embracing electric vehicles because of government pressures. They personal do not want them either. MB claim they are not building/develop anymore ICE engines after 3-4 years too. LOL!

  6. What plans does the greenies have to recycle the car’s lithium battery packages when they turn bad? Extremely toxic!

  7. No, that ain't it, chief. Whether you like it or not, EVs are the future. The internal combustion engine has reached its peak in term of efficiency and bateries are getting cheaper and more capable every day. As for demand, Tesla is doing better than most luxury brands today, so there is definitely demand for them.

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