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This new BMW 4 Concept is supposed to be a teaser for the upcoiming redesigned 4 series coupe and convertible.
It looks really nice, and actually quite different from the regular 3 series sedan. (The 4 is usually the coupe version of the 4 sedan)
Until you see the grille that is…
The huge chrome mouth alone turns this design into a monster. Just when you thouhgt it looked terrible on their new SUVs and 7 series, they slap an even larger one on the small 4 series.
This is really too bad since the rest of the design is so tastefully executed. They finally came up with a really good looking and modern rear end instead of repeating the same thing over and over.
This is really sad.

It is hard to say from these prototypes how much of that ghastly grille will make it into the productiuon model.
But I am not expecting a tasteful design from BMW anymore…  It also looks like the nice rear end design has been toned down a lot.

I guess we will have to wait to see the real thing… And cry.

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  1. Good Lord. BMW seriously needs to hire a new chief designer. Heck, bring back Bangle! Even his worst designs were miles better than this abomination.

  2. Yeah, the front is mind-numbingly awful, but the rest of the car isn't much better. This looks like a chinese copy of a Mustang with some Lexus RC design cues thrown in for good measure. It's very derivative and looks nothing like a BMW. They should start from scratch.

  3. Looks terrific except for that hideous face. (I did notice too, though, that it looks like they've quite on the signature "Hofmeister kink" in the C-pillar.)

  4. There is so much borrowed from the Infiniti Q60 in this design in the rear and side profiles, which makes it look very modern and classic at the same time. But then that front end, forget the grill why have so many lines and edges on an already monstrous looking car. Sad, just sad.

  5. The truth is that they need to do something about the kidney beans grille. It has been around since the Acropolis and makes every damn model look more or less the same. I say bring it on. If Lexus has a hideous grille, why should BmW be left behind?

  6. I'm pretty sure the hugely oversized concept grille was slapped on to divert attention from the derivative Lexus RC body sculpting and anonymous c-pillar greenhouse detailing. Nothing about this vehicle looks like a BMW to me, which is shocking considering you can barely tell the current 3- or 5-series from the last one, or the one before. This will put the final nail in BMW's sales race with M-B.

  7. As much as Bangel was derided for his 'butt', he kicked off an entire trend in OEM vehicle lighting that is still driving design to this day. Live him or hate him, he had impact. I doubt Marek or some of these other glorified geniuses of design could say that, unless you count Marek's ship sinking Acura keen-Edge disaster.

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