More pictures of the nightmarish BMW 4 Concept

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This is what it looks like in real life.
And it very well might become the face of the next generation 4 series coupe and convertible.
On top of that, I bet that in a coupld of years, that face could end up on the regular 3 series sedan as part of the usual mid-cycle refresh. (Like they did with the 7 series this year)
This is a disgrace.  It looks like a car The Joker would drive.

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  1. Remember when we had Bangle butt-gate. Funny to see "edgy" cars of my youth up against these modern styles.

  2. My wife says it looks like one of those sucker fishes… I think that is being kind!
    How did they get this so wrong?!?!?!?

  3. Holy… it has a smiling mouth at the bottom, ugliest ever gigantic nose and evil eyes… that's it, it's the villain for the next CARS movie!!

  4. Thanks, now I won’t be able to sleep tonight. If anyone needs me, I’ll be self-soothing in the corner hoping to forget this ever happened.

  5. It looks like an evil pig with a broken nose which has swollen to absurd proportions. I need brain bleach to rid this from my visual cortex. Who approved this heinous design? MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

  6. This is absurd. The grill should be much bigger. Replace the windshield with a flatscreen display and give us a real grill, not this puny imposter!

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