2020 Honda Fit/Jazz

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Finally, the real thing…
I think the design is much nicer and simpler than the poor tortured current generation.
It’s not that original, which is too bad though.
In Japan, the new model will be available in “Basic”, “Hone”, “Crosstar”, “Ness” and “Luxe” versions. 
It seems that while they are all FWD, AWD will be available on all models. (Not just the Crosstar) 
Which is almost odd…
No word on US sales yet.
More on the all new Fit very soon…

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  1. I don't understand why some ppl tend to hate these Japanese designs. They are made primarily with that market in mind. The Fit/Jazz is designed to be super-versatile and easy to drive and in terms of looks, its fine. Same with the new Yaris, its no supposed to be styled like a German car.

  2. I think they SHOULD sell it here. But they would need to Target it very differentky than they did the last US Fit.

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