2021 Kia Sorento Interior

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This is so far the most revealing picture of the all new Kia Sorento SUV for 2021.

I have to say, there is a bit too much chrome/satin silver trim for my taste.
It doesn’t look good in BMWs and it doesn’t here either.

I guess “looking upscale” means copying German designs these days.
But BMW interiors have become busy and tacky lately…

Otherwise, the screen seems to be similar to what we have seen in the 2021 Optima.
Which is nice.

I think the Sorento is in a tough spot. Since the Telluride seems so much nicer. And still starting at around $32 000. Which means it does compete with the Highlander/Pilot/Explorer crowd.
The new Sorento cannot really grow in size.
Yet it will still offers 3 rows of seats.

The current model starts at $27 000. Which is quite a bargain for its size. (only about $2000 more than a base Honda CR-V)

(thanks to a reader for the picture)

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  1. I agree about the overly used silver/satin trims from what I can see as well. If I buy another Sorento (this would be my third), I'd definitely demand the dealership to paint the vent trims for me (I did that with an old Ford Edge)!

  2. I agree with the overly used silver/satin trims…too much is tacky! If I buy my third Sorento, I'd definitely ask the dealership paint the vent trims. I had done that with an old Ford Edge…let's see what the final product looks like in the coming weeks!

  3. Maybe the different designs may allow Kia to offer both without claiming sales off each other. The Telluride looks very upright and square, whereas the Sorento is more of a 'European' style. Each might appeal to different customer base.

  4. The satin silver doesn't bother me. The cross hatch waffle pattern on the dash, that bothers me much more.

    We must be nearing peak cross hatch waffle pattern with that.

  5. Now that Kia and Hyundai have come up with attractive designs, it is time for their dealerships to pave their parking lots. Dirt and gravel will no longer do it.

  6. I think it will look really good, once the full covering is removed. Merry Christmas Vince, and all who follow him. Hope everyone has a fun, safe, and healthy one.

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