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The revised (not all new) 2020 G90 sedan will start at a bit over $73 000.
Which, I think, is a crazy price.

Sure, reviewers are quick to mention it is much cheaper than the BMW 7 series, Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8. (between $12 000 and $21 000 cheaper)
But the truth is no one who is considering one of these will ever even think of the G90…
So it really doesn’t matter how much cheaper the G90 is.

Its only competition, in the US, is pretty much the Lexus LS.
And the big Lexus sedan is only about $3000 more to start than the G90.

I am not sure anyone would pick a $73 000 luxury sedan from an unknown brand over an established one with a great reputation for quality just to save $3000.
On top of this, the 2019 version of the Lexus LS is available these days with huge discounts.
Between $6000 to almost $18 000 off! (If you get the $12 000 luxury package)
Which makes it cheaper than the Genesis.

Sure, the Lexus design is still not for everyone. But I don’t think the Superman grille of the Genesis looks good at all. Plus, the new front and rear ends for 2020 now really clash with the super conservative profile.

Genesis sold only 2248 units on the G90 in the US last year.
Lexus sold 9300 units of the LS in 2018.

At over $73 000, the 2020 G90 is also about $4000 more than the 2019 model.
Which has the same interior and main design. Except front and rear.
It really makes no sense to make this super slow selling car even more expensive.

It should really be priced under $60 000 to have a chance.

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  1. How many did they sell in the rest of the world?

    If they think this thing (with a higher price) is going to be popular in the rest of the world they aren't going to hold the price down just for
    the USA. Again, if so, they'll take their lumps here with it.

  2. Weird car. I'm sure it's well built, but, as you stated, no one looking for something in this price range will even consider this over a Lexus, much less a BMW or Mercedes. As a side note, I recently watched a review of a fully loaded 2020 Lexus LS and was not impressed…especially with an MSRP of $92K. It looked like a upscale Toyota inside, which I thought they said they weren't doing anymore. Sad.

  3. Should be more specific. since there are two models, the 3.3L turbo and the 5.0L prices ranged from about $66,000 to $77,000 so the price jump is really no that dramatic.

  4. I have seen the G90 and i think they got it right in term of design and quality. It's very classy (unlike the LS). As for the price, the G90 comes fully equipped with no options. So the price is actually pretty low compared to the competition. The only disappointment is the lack of massaging seats and bigger wheels. I also disagree with the idea that no german car buyer will consider the G90. They offer great luxury and design for a great price like Lexus did in the 90's.

  5. Toyota makes a luxury sedan that is sold only in Japan called the Century which is above that of the U.S. Lexus line.

  6. GENESIS needs some style in their cars especially their SUVs.

    How is it Telluride and Peleside look like they do and GV80 looks like a regular Design with a grille that has no uniqueness and is too big.

  7. I like the horizontal line that cuts through the headlamp. But everything else on the exterior is absolutely hideous. From the rear, it could be an Avalon. From the front, that grille is just stupid. The interior is standard playbook.

  8. The Genesis g90 outsold the Lexus LS, the Audi A8 and the Jaguar XJ in 2017. It was third in sales in the full-size luxury car category. With this refresh, it might be in third place again in 2020+. Considering that the Ls is a little too much and the A8 is kind of boring. I personally love the new design, has a lot of presence.

  9. With the exception of the Gv80 , the SUV's (Gv70 , Gv90 , etc) have yet to be released. Not sure what you're on about. And if anything it's the other way around because the Telluride looks like a GM product outside…

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