Better/larger pix of the new Genesis GV80

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You can click on the 2 pictures above to enlarge them.

Of course, nothing is like seeing the real thing, but at least, it gives you a better idea than the small pictures I posted yesterday…

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  1. Has a Lincoln vibe to me. Nice, but not sure it will dent Lexus sales, unless priced very aggressively.

  2. Gorgeous. Have been watching this company closely, have you seen the talent they are recruiting from other companies?? That combined with parent company Hyundai being able to afford to price competitively because they built infrastructure of owning steel, shipping, trucking, etc. Quite clever business model really. Will be interested to see reviews once it’s out and being driven.

  3. I like the interior, looks simple, clean and elegant. Not sure about the exterior until seen in person.

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