2021 Cadillac Escalade Interior

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 The dashboard of the all new 2021 Escalade is one of the nicest I have seen in many years.
It is by far, much nicer and much more upscale than what GM offers in the Tahoe and Yukon.
(Especially the weird Denali)

Cadillac has finally come up with a way to produce something close to what we saw in the stunning Escala Concept interior a few years ago.
This is a huge step up for them and something like this should really be in every one of their models.
It is really too bad the XT6 inherited the interior from the XT5 and not something like this.
Same thing for the new CT4 and CT5 sedans.

The screen integration to the dashboard design is fantastic and gorgeous.
After seeing something like this, you realize there is no excuse for that stupid “tablet stuck on top of the dash” design so many other manufacturers still use.
This really makes the Lincoln Navigator dash design seem old and cheap…

 Inside, there is a very nice blend of textures. And fine details all around.
(as it should be for the price)

Even though the interior has its own design, and most body panels are actually different, the Escalade shares many features with the redesigned Tahoe/Yukon.
Like a great panoramic sunroof (finally)
Plenty of room for the 3rd row seat. And even 10 inches more legroom for the second row.
This additional room also benefits the cargo area, which is larger than ever. And lower too, thanks to the new suspension.

One of the best news, is also the availability of the fantastic 3.0 Duramax Diesel.
I know Diesel has become a bad word lately, and is pretty much a dying technology.
But it will allow over 30MPG in an Escalade.
Until the EV version comes out, it will be, by far, the most efficient Escalade ever.

Being longer, the Escalade now looks better. The previous versions of the regular model always seems a bit too short, with strange proportions (same thing for the Tahoe/Yukon)
I always though that, visually, the proportions of the ESV looked better.
Now it seems to be the opposite.
And there is really no reason the get the ESV anymore…

Not sure how it drives. I hop the all new suspension got rid of that “cheap and shaky” truck ride the current model still has.
If it did, the new 2021 Escalade could be the best choice in its class.

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  1. No it is not. Some press person who told me he was 6 feet tall and had plenty of room.
    No idea who he was…

  2. Ok this is a great inteior but it doesn't make the navigator look "old and cheap" the navigator still has a fantastic interior.

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