2021 Cadillac Escalade unveiling event in Hollywood

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 I was very fortunate to be able to attend the Cadillac Escalade last night.
It was held at the “Red Studios”.
Which is a very old Hollywood study that was, among other things, featured in the film “Who framed Roger Rabbit” as the “Maroon Cartoon Studio”.

 First things first. Obviously, all journalist presents were very thirsty.

 After all these “refreshments”, everyone is in an obvious good mood, and ready to take a seat and watch the show.

The “show” not only included Steve Carlisle, head of Cadillac, but also Spike Lee.
A nice blend of Detroit and Hollywood…

 Oddly enough, right after the show, Cadillac people were handing out iPads were you could configure both the regular, and the “not yet unveiled” ESV version.

So I guess here it is: a first look at the longer 2021 Escalade…

 In the flesh, the all new Escalade does look quite nice.
It is a more subtle look. Classier than ever before, and more sophisticated.

Cadillac seemed very proud of all the detail work that went into the headlight and tail lights of the new model.

They also made a point to show off their brand new info system for the Escalade (which will eventually trick down to other Cadillac models)
Mr.Sameer Gupta and his team did an amazing jog improving the already excellent Cadillac/GM system.
They got rid of all menus and truly made it one of the most intuitive, easiest system around.
The customization is also quite impressive.

Stay tuned for pictures of the stunning interior…

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  1. Nice to see the incredibly tacky chrome pillar with black plastic insert is even tackier and plastickier on the ESV. What a mess. Navigator will eat this thing for lunch.

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