2021 Hyundai i20

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Hyundai has just released official pictures (why no interior pic??) of their all new generation of the i20 hatchback for the European market.
 And it looks quite good. 
The i20 is related to our Hyundai Accent. Although the design is much more modern. Since the current Accent is also a couple of years old, the i20 gets a much more modern interior as well. 
More news on this later…

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  1. We'll never see this since they want us to buy Venues, but there should be a place for this in the US lineup.

  2. I have a 2018 Accent, and it has proven to be a much better car than I'd expected. But I'd love a hatchback – especially one that looks like that!

  3. Hi, I think the interior of 2021 Hyundai i20 may have some surprises. After viewing many comparison of baleno vs i20, I fall in love with i20.

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