Cars I have never heard of: The San Remo Convertible

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This was obviously based on the first generation Cadillac Seville.
And I think it looked really good. With very simple, elegant lines.
And, on top of it, this is a great illustration from Syd Mead. Something else I had never seen before.

 Here is the real thing.
Looking really classy. The top design especially, looks much nicer than the Eldorado from the 80’s.

Has anyone here ver heard of this??

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  1. I remember this, thinking it looked fairly clean. We had hope for Cadillac with the first generation of Seville in the 70s. Then they came out with the one in 1980 that looked like an elephant had leaned on the trunk…. all hope was lost…

  2. Not only heard about it, but someone in my old neighborhood owned one. Real classy then, and still better looking than most luxury cars today.

  3. I was a huge teenage Cadillac fan at the time, and I don't remember it. There were several hideous coupe versions made which I wish I could forget.

    I think we can blame the first Seville for starting the modern fashion of excessively prominent wheels. It and clown cars.

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