2021 Fiat 500 Electric

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Fiat claims the new 500 is all new. And, even though it is hard to tell, it is quite obvious when compared side to side with the current generation.
As mentioned before, the new 500 is Electric only. While the “regular” old 500 will still be offered for a few years as a gas only model.
Another “new 500” is coming ups as well. But that will be a longer model, with possibly 4 doors.
even though the proportions are very similar, you can see all body panels are different.
And the new car does look slicker and more modern.
It also feels more upscale. 
No specs yet, but this should do quite well against the new Mini EV and Honda e in Europe.
And let’s hope FCA brings it over here…

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  1. I hate it compared to the older one. I am so glad I have a 2017 Petrol powered base model Fiat 500. I knew that eventually, even the Fiat 500 would be ruined. Like all vehicles, the newer they get, the more bloated and busy they get…yuck

  2. The 4 door should be named 600 and would be a good replacement for Punto, especially if it has 500 style and is based on a 208 platform.

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