All new Genesis Coupe???

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I have to say, these are some of the weirdest spy shots I have seen in a while.
Sure, there was a rumor a few weeks ago about an upcoming coupe from Genesis.
So we actually could see a prototype of it driving around.
But I just cannot explain the side windows. Which seem to have no cuts for an opening.
Something is also weird about that chrome piece around the window (It seems to really be sticking out)
Under that weird camouflage, this does look a lot like a straight coupe version of the upcoming G80 sedan we have already seen in official pictures. 
But how does the test driver even get inside the car???
Is this a super clever camouflage?
Did someone make this fake car to fool people?
What do you think???

Here is the picture that started the Genesis Coupe rumor.

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  1. It's clearly not a four door. There are only two door handles and there isn't enough room behind the door handle for the front door for a set of rear doors. This looks to me like a fake and a photoshop. The window trim looks like it was added after the fact, not to mention the lack of separate panes in the windows. There's no way those doors could open.

  2. CG render fakes. No B Pillar. Wheels perfectly oriented and tires not compressing at all. Same lighting in 3 totally different locations.

  3. Thanks for the clarification!!! This is great news either way, as the 4 door coupe phase is a hot trend and people can't get enough of them. Although I'd love to see a real sexy sporty coupe from Genesis, anything other than an SUV is a welcomed sight.

  4. I'm curious if this is a rework of the Stinger, since they aren't sure that it'll have a second generation. The platform is slightly longer and if they are going the "GT" route it would make sense as a 4 door coupe.

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