2021 Mercedes S-Class

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At least outside, the new design looks so much like the current car it almost seems like a joke.
It almost looks like they re-used all the glass. Even the rear window seems exactly the same…

Not so inside. Where a giant vertical screen will use most of the center console space.
And that’s pretty much all we can see so far…

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  1. Is the current generation that much of a leap in design that they feel a need to leave the shell of the car untouched for the next generation? Are Mercedes', Audi's and BMW's ever redesigned, as opposed to refreshed?

  2. You people are misinformed. W223 is a wholly new car, debuted new MRA II modular architecture.

    The car is in camouflage, wait until it's not.

  3. Mercedes and BMW especially are becoming more and more conservative. Good luck attracting younger wealthy buyers who demand more than their grandpa’s land barge. Lame,

  4. I like the Mazda style steering wheel in the new S class as well the Tesla Model S style infotainment screen. I like the exterior of the current model so if looks the same. big bonus that MB had the smarts to leave it alone!

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